Running, steeple chasing and motivating clinics

With over 15 years of experience in world class running and especially steeple chasing, Simon is frequently asked to give clinics throughout the country. These clinics fall into 3 categories:

1. Running:
How can recreational runners improve their running capacities and improve their times by very simple and effective measures? How can hard-training runners that are approaching the top effectively make the last step to the top? How has Simon done it? Simple solution sto maximise joy and performance!

2. Steeple chasing:
Being one of the best technicians in the world on steeple chase and water pit, Simon provides an effective set of exercises and hints & tips to improve your steeple chase performance. But also for non steeple-chasers who want to get an appreciation for the event, or are considering changing to the steeple chase. Being a modest runner himself (as he quotes it!), these technique sessions have made Simon the international steeple chase star that he is.

3. Leadership & motivating:
Being a top athlete means being the leader of a high-performance taskforce of coaches, trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, doctors, mental trainers and managers. With only 1 goal in mind: winning. It also means: performing at exactly the right moment, under enormous pressure from the outside world, and against the stiffest competition possible. Being able to be a top team player, while also being able to focus fully on one's own performance. Exactly these qualities of a world-class athlete are 100% comparable to the qualities of leaders and highly qualified employees in Industry and Government. Simon has a vast experience in taylor-made presentations on these topics.

Simon not only give sclinics on his own, no, he happens to have an identical twin brother Casper who has been the number 2 steeple chaser in The Netherlands for many years, gifted with an almost perfect hurdling technique as well.Having stopped his active steeple chase career a few years ago, Casper has actually spend more time then Simon on developping and organising clinics.

Therefore, depending on your needs, we can organise a clinic with just Simon, just Casper, or both of us. Contact: through email button, top of this page.


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